Single Storey Tuscan 1


This is a cosy 260m2 Tuscan style house with 2 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, Double Garage, Dining, Lounge and Patio. A 2 bedroom Tuscan home with an open and spacious design, this will surely be a fit for the new family. As you enter this 2 bedroom Tuscan home, is the dining area. The wide sliding folding door in the dining provides ventilation, illumination and a beautiful view of the outside. The sliding folding door leads to the patio. The patio can also be accessed from two other parts of this 5 bedroom Tuscan home, the main bedroom and lounge. The patio is great place where you can enjoy with family and friends having a party or just hanging out.

The patio provides extra accommodation when having a lot of guest during parties or gatherings. The dining room in the middle of this 5 bedroom Tuscan home is spacious because of the open plan layout it has. The dining area provides a great place where you can share your delicious meals. The lounge is great place to spend some quality time with the family. The kitchen is just beside the dining and lounge area to ensure that your meals enjoyed with much convenience.

The kitchen is fitted with a wide counter providing more than enough space to prepare and cook your specialties and still have space for storage of kitchen equipment and supplies. The pantry beside the kitchen serves as a great place for for storage of other household supplies. There is an access door in the kitchen, this access door provides an easy exit when you need to take out the trash or hang your laundry. It also leads to the back door of the garage.

This integrated garage can fit two cars but still has enough room for extra storage. The access door ensures that you won’t get wet during rainy days. From the dining you have access to the bedrooms. The bedrooms are spacious and occupants can enjoy a beautiful view of the outside from the wide windows installed in every room. A bathroom is conveniently placed next to the second bedroom. The master bedroom is huge, complete with its own walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom. The fireplace in the main Bedroom room provides warmth when needed. This 2 bedroom Tuscan home will suit new families.



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