Modern Beach House


A luxury and modern beach house design with butterfly roof. This home is mostly suitable for sloping sites. This modern styled home has loads of character and space. As you enter the home from the entry porch, the entry hall gives you a beautiful view of the courtyard outside. Beside the entry hall is the family area which also has a view to and access to the balcony. The family area is wide and being close to the entry hall, it is easier for you to welcome in and entertain your guests. Beside the Family area is the dining area.

The dining area is spacious and this is positioned close to the kitchen making it easier for you to serve your meals and making sure your food remains warm when served. The kitchen is beautiful. With an open counter, the kitchen has more than enough space where you can prepare and cook your specialties. The scullery behind the kitchen also provides space for storage of other household supplies. A double sink is usually installed here for dish washing purposes.

The open plan kitchen makes it possible for you to entertain your guests while whipping up a delicious meal for them. At the end of this level is the lounge area. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the outside space from here. The Lounge of this house has a fireplace installed in it to ensure you are kept warm at all times. The balcony is connected to the pool area. These areas are accessible from lounge, dining area and family room. From these areas, you can host a barbecue party, enjoy basking in the sun with your family or cooling down in the beautiful swimming pool.

Two integrated garages completes second level of this luxury modern beach house. These garages can fit in two vehicles and still have enough room for extra storage. The garages are situated close to the entrance for easy access. A staircase near the entry hall leads to the bedrooms on the second level. There are four bedrooms in the second level. There is also a lobby space that is connected to the backyard. All the bedrooms have built-in cupboards in them. The master bedroom is fairly large, complete with its own walk-in closet and a bathroom. The master bedroom has a large corner window so you can relax and enjoy the view.



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