Double Storey Tuscan Inspired 3


450m2 Tuscan Style Single Storey house plan with 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, Open Plan Kitchen, Lounge, Dining, Single garage.

A traditionally styled double storey house plan that has a clean and neat design. The integrated garage can fit one car and still has more than enough room for extra storage. The internal access leads to the kitchen which is a great feature especially during rainy days. From the kitchen, you will be led to the dining area and lounge. The open plan layout of these three areas provides air to freely flow through and it makes it easier for you to serve food.

The kitchen is fitted with a wide counter where you can prepare those delicious meals and still have enough room where you can store kitchen equipment and supplies. The breakfast counter in this double storey house plan is a convenient place to meet and chat while enjoying that nutritious breakfast. The 4 bedroom house also consists of a laundry room which is adjacent to the kitchen door. The access door from the kitchen leads to the backyard and giving you easy passage to take out the trash.


An Open plan 4 Bedroom House Plan

The dining room in this double storey house plan is a great place where you can eat those warm meals and talk to your family. The dining is illuminated by a wide sliding door allowing you to enjoy the view outside while having your meals. Just like the dining area, the lounge is very spacious. It also has a big window installed in it. The lounge of this 4 bedroom house plan is a great place where you can relax and spend some quality time with the family.

Because of the space the lounge has, it makes a perfect place for receiving visitors. Its boasts an open plan layout with the lounge making it possible for you to entertain your guests while whipping up a delicious snack for them. A passage way leads you to the bedrooms. A guest wash closet is separated from the bathroom to provide privacy. The bathroom is in front of the two extra bedrooms making it conveniently accessible for them. These well-appointed bedrooms are also spacious and can also be used as a guest bedroom when necessary.

There is also a fitted bedroom at the end of the passage which is fairly large. On the first floor is the location of the master bedroom, which ensures that the parents have privacy. This bedroom is completed by its own bathroom and private lounge. This 450m2 single storey house plan is perfect for your family.  The price for this 4 bedroom house plan is so low it makes you feel like you have just scored the best double storey home.



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